Computer Services

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MailSuite (web mail)

Recommendation to sort e-mails with the SPAM mark into the different folder automatically (2018/7/12)

Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. are not available from abroad. (2017/3/9)

How to change the password of MailHosting (via MailSuite)

Anti-Spam Program of MailSuite

* Referenece Information of System Failure, Maintenance, etc. on MailHosting

How to find the MAC Address

UTokyo WiFi

How to use the wireless LAN on campus & in the other universities etc.
(UTokyo WiFi, eduroam, UTokyo-Guest and eduroam guest account)

Web Hosting Services

UTokyo Microsoft License for University PC (for faculties and staffs only)   (Division for Information and Communication Systems, the University of Tokyo)

On private owned PC, please use Microsoft Office of UTokyo Microsoft License. It is available for students of the University of Tokyo, too.

Software License

Guidelines for Trading Lab. & Computer Lab. at Faculty of Economics(April 2, 2019)

Computing Server for graduate student (csgs1 system)

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